What’s an ecotourism attitude on vacation?

Discovering new landscapes, experimenting new activities or de-stressing - these are the main objectives of the holiday for everyone. Ecotourism or green tourism, which is fashionable at the moment, takes all these elements into account while keeping in mind respect for the environment and the development of the localities visited. But how can you have the best ecological and sustainable holidays?

Travelling to ecological destinations

For a long time, holidays have been associated with dream beaches, visits to popular places or famous activities, even if it means travelling thousands of kilometres and spending all your savings. Many people are unaware of how harmful this kind of travel can be to these places, as mass tourism is increasingly destroying them. Yet the most beautiful sites are sometimes nearby, in our own city or in neighbouring cities with their biodiversity and the countless activities they offer. The less we use the means of travel, the more we limit the greenhouse gas emissions generated by transport.

Being an eco-consumer

Behaving as an eco-consumer is considered to be the main ecotourism attitude to spend an eco-friendly holiday. Opting for public transport, cycling or walking tours are options to be favoured. On the one hand, they give tourists the privilege of entering the heart of nature, and on the other hand, they provide the means to help the local community. Similarly, the choice of accommodation is also important in ecotourism. Staying in bed and breakfasts, labelled accommodation or villages in the heart of the mountains can be as pleasant as spending the night in luxury hotels, which are certainly more comfortable, but less ecological. In the end, avoid as much as possible all forms of waste and pollution by keeping the places you visit clean and intact.

Putting nature at the heart of activities

Some people are reluctant to spend their holidays in the countryside or in places that have been labelled because of the lack of "interesting" activities. However, these places offer a multitude of options that allow you to spend unforgettable holidays in paradisiacal settings, such as natural pools in the middle of the forest. What could be more relaxing than a swim in clear water in the middle of nowhere, far from the crowds and surrounded by family and friends? For those who prefer more extreme activities, some specialized agencies include them in their programs, such as tree climbers or kayak tours. On the other hand, those who want to try new adventures can share the daily life of the local people and stay in the heart of their villages and engage in animal husbandry, travel on the back of a donkey or in a trailer and live life simply.
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