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science and technology

What is advancement of science and technology?

The advancement of science and technology involves the overall concept of applying new developments of science and technology in industries and our daily lives. Improving science and technology requires a body to oversee the implementation of science and technology. The…

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Water, a precious commodity saved

Recall Required Tap water is today the safest after rainwater with filtration; monitored on 54 microbiological and chemical parameters, the same cannot be said of mineral water. (some are even frankly non-compliant with too high sodium, fluoride sulphate or chloride…

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Unfortunately, fashions have unfortunately reached our gardens and some people are trying to use water, fertilizers and insecticides to grow unsuitable species… The climate and the region is one determining factor, the nature of the soil is another. A local…

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Preamble: Politics and Environment

Contrary to popular belief, the environment is not a constraint to economic development but a pillar of its sustainability. Until now, respect for nature has been the least of our concerns because of our inability to project ourselves in the…

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