Eco-friendly gestures

Economy and ecology: our tips for installing dry toilets at home

As current trends move towards greener resolutions, toilets in the home are no exception. Many households have already adopted this technique and do not regret it. This is the dry toilet, a more economical option for optimal comfort in the…

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Recycling tea bags: surprising tips!

For fans of hot drinks, a cup of tea will not be refused. But once used, the small tea bag always ends up in the trash. Well, here are some tips for recycling tea bags. So that you can enjoy…

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Don’t throw away your peelings anymore: beauty and household, they may surprise you

Food waste is one of the biggest problems of today’s consumer society. That is why there is a growing call for recycling, even in the kitchen. For example, leftovers can be re-cooked to make a whole new dish. But did…

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How can I save gas while driving?

The question of fuel economy is on the minds of most drivers. Professionals and individuals alike strive to manage and limit the fuel budget to reduce travel expenses. However, the most frequently asked question is that of fuel-efficient driving techniques….

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Bleaching a garment naturally, without toxic products

Over time, white clothing can change colour to grey or yellow. There are natural tricks to bleach your clothes. Regardless of the material and quality of the fabric, you can use natural methods to bleach your clothes by hand or…

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Garden: how to create and use compost well?

Compost is both economical and ecological. In fact, it not only avoids the need to go to the waste disposal centre to get rid of your garden or kitchen waste, but also allows you to recycle your waste by helping…

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