Recycling tea bags: surprising tips!

For fans of hot drinks, a cup of tea will not be refused. But once used, the small tea bag always ends up in the trash. Well, here are some tips for recycling tea bags. So that you can enjoy your favourite drink while avoiding waste.

Beauty tips with tea bags to recycle

A used tea bag has several actions for those who like to take care of their bodies. Being rich in antioxidants, tea promotes blood circulation. As a result, it helps deflate dark circles. Simply put used tea bags in the fridge for a while and apply them to the dark circles for about ten minutes. The bags will thus be attenuated. Another tip for recycling tea bags is also to use them to quickly heal wounds. It can be applied on scratches that will heal faster. Mosquito bites can also be relieved by applying tea bags to the affected areas. Don't throw away your tea bags yet after using them for ailments, there is another use.

Tea bags to eliminate unwanted odours

Whether in the home, in a special room or in the refrigerator, a tea bag that has already been used can always be used to combat unpleasant odours. After tasting it, place the infusions in a small bowl or cup and put it inside the fridge. This technique can eliminate unwanted odours for days. Similarly for rooms, tea bags can be placed at the entrance to give a pleasant scent, acting as a home perfume. And of course, the tea bags should be changed regularly. However, after having been used as perfume, the tea bags should not be thrown away, they can still be used in the garden.

Recycling of tea bags for gardening

The infusion bags already used can end up in the garden for its various benefits on the plants. Indeed, many people do not know it but tea is very nourishing for plants. It can complement the action of fertilizer and be used as compost. In addition, the sachets placed in the pot absorb water and keep the moisture in the soil for a long time. Don't waste tea bags anymore, they can be used.
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