What is ecotourism and solidarity ecotourism?

With the race for economic growth and development, the human population does not hesitate to encroach on and destroy nature. Many forests are being destroyed in favour of agriculture, or to satisfy the needs of rich people who want precious woods or other products of nature. In order to ensure the preservation of what remains, the ecotourism model is the most appropriate one, in order to balance the economic, environmental and social aspects.

Ecotourism: a way to make responsible tourism

The word ecotourism refers to an economic activity that serves to make people aware of the ecological impact we have on nature. It is a way of giving tourists opportunities to be in direct contact with nature while preserving it, and also to participate in local development. By doing ecotourism, tourists actively participate in making the local population aware of the importance of their environment, and also of the richness that the preservation of their environment in its wild state can bring them. Ecotourism also shows the local population that there are other ways to make money, other than destroying their environment. For the tourists, it is a great opportunity to have clean air and well-being, which can cure them of all the discomforts related to stress. Ecotourism is living at the rhythm of nature: listening to the songs of birds in the morning, being lulled by the sounds of leaves blown by the wind at night. Apart from that, it is also to increase your knowledge of the biodiversity existing on our planet earth.

What about solidarity ecotourism?

Solidarity ecotourism, being with the local population Apart from doing ecotourism, with solidarity ecotourism, the tourist participates actively in the life of the local population. This is the concept of home stay. In solidarity ecotourism, the tourist fully lives the life of the local population: eating with them the food they usually eat, sleeping in beds as they sleep, discovering their culture, living their daily rhythm of life. Instead of staying in hotels, tourists have the opportunity to discover the real facets of the local people's lives, and at the same time become aware of the economic stakes of ecotourism for them. What activities can be carried out during ecotourism in solidarity with the local population? The activities in solidarity ecotourism are diverse, depending on the place of visit. This can be picking in the forest, or fishing for fish with bamboo sticks. In other countries, travelling on the back of an elephant is very attractive to tourists. Since there is ecotourism in the trip, discovering nature is part of the tour, by walking, climbing mountains, or doing wild and safe trekking routes.
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