Ecotourism tips if you travel by car

All trips are beautiful, but expensive. The price of the hotel, the gas, the restaurants, the activities... you have to define them well in advance. You must also take care of your car, because it will be the central element of the trip. In short, here's how to have fun at a low price.

Prepare the budget

We must behave responsibly without depriving ourselves of our little pleasures. This is the basis of all car ecotourism advice. Several months or weeks before departure, plan everything: accommodation as well as food. That way, impulse purchases will be reduced. This will prevent you from being in the red after the holidays. The advantage of travelling by car is that you can take everything with you. Luggage is not weighed. The boot is also at your disposal. So all your stuff has to fit in the trunk without weighing down your car. On the fun side, activities must be thought out in advance. Even if you prefer surprises and choose them at the last minute, the Internet will help you set an estimated budget. For lodging, a campsite would be perfect in the great outdoors. For security reasons, you can rent a hotel room. In this case, compare prices and book early.

Lighten your meal budget

Restaurants are beautiful and allow you to discover the classic cuisines of your destination. But it also increases expenses. Many people choose this option so they don't have to cook. However, you can save a few dozen euros a day. The trick is to prepare your own food. It's not about having a buffet. Think of sandwiches or hamburgers, for example. It will only take a few minutes to prepare them. The ingredients are not expensive or heavy. You'll find them everywhere you go. And don't forget the cooler! If you feel like sampling the local cuisine, you may want to leave one or two evenings at the restaurant. But breakfast and lunch you can make yourself.

Taking care of your car

Make sure your car holds up. Have it undergo a technical inspection if necessary. And most importantly, find out about the price of gas. Mobile apps will help. But the best thing is to fill up your car right away. As far as driving is concerned, it's best to stay still and use the regulator. Braking and accelerating will cause you to lose a few litres. But the slower you go, the safer you'll be both financially and physically.
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