Bleaching a garment naturally, without toxic products

Over time, white clothing can change colour to grey or yellow. There are natural tricks to bleach your clothes. Regardless of the material and quality of the fabric, you can use natural methods to bleach your clothes by hand or machine.

How do I bleach a garment naturally?

Laundering a garment is possible when washing by machine or by hand. You should first check whether or not the fabric can be machine washed. If you decide to bleach your clothes in the machine, there are simple and effective natural methods. You can pour lemon juice into the laundry tub. This is one way to give your garment back its shine. To do this, you need to pour a detergent with the lemon juice. Baking soda can become your ally in the whitening stages of garment laundering. Just pour 2 cups into the drum. Baking powder plays the same role as baking soda. To use it, simply top up your laundry dose with a full packet of baking powder.

Different ways to bleach clothes without using toxic products

For several reasons, the granting of natural products is attracting more and more people. If you wish to wash by hand, you can pour a cut lemon in a basin of boiling water. To be effective, do not forget to soak the garment for 20 minutes. The use of hydrogen peroxide is also effective. It is used in the same way as lemon.

Using natural to bleach a garment

To bleach a garment during hand washing, you can opt for cold milk. The objective is to immerse the garment in a container or basin containing two cups of milk and a cup of ice water. Adding ice cubes may speed up the bleaching process. Obviously, your garment should be kept in this mixture for one hour. It is clear that exposing your clothes to the sun is a very effective way to bleach them. This is a natural way that is highly appreciated because of the energy savings it generates. Regardless of the methods used, you should plan to dry your clothes in the sun and outdoors to improve the results.
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